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First, our company is a manufacturer with leading technical strength.

Our new rolling line will come into production in May, 2007, and it is the only and most advanced one in China to produce small size flat bars, square steel and round steel, with production capacity over 400,000 MT per year. It adopts high pressure hydraulic descaling & ten-step-continuous rolling technology, and among the ten set rollers, there are three sets vertical ones, so the flat bar can have the square edge or beveled one. We have invested 1.5 million USD to build up broad cooling bed that could cool huge quantity structural steel by air. The production line can straighten the finished products automatically, and cut them into any length according to clients' requirements. The width of our ASTM standard flat bars ranges from 1''to 6'', and their thickness ranges from 3/16'' to 3/2''. The width of our JIS/EN standard flat bars ranges from 30mm to 150mm, and the thickness ranges from 5mm to 40mm.

In July, 2007, our second production line will also run into production for standard IPE/UPE and small size H Beam to meet the changing requirements of our clients. Our standard IPE will range from 10# till 30#, and the H beams will range from 7.5# till 20# , and the CE certificate for these products are just in the process.

Second, Our Company has full range of sizes for ASTM/JIS/EN standard structural steels with reliable high quality . Our JIS standard channels ranges from 5# till 30#, and till now our company is one of the largest suppliers in China for JIS standard structural steel to overseas market. Our products enjoy high popularity in South Korea, and countries of Southeast Asia and Middle East, and we export more than 15,000MT per month to these regions. Some eminent trading companies from South Korea have established long-term business cooperation with us.

Our ASTM standard products: In Asia, we are one of the largest suppliers for ASTM standard structural steels, and we have fullest ranges of sizes. Our ASTM C-channels range from 1.5'' to 12'';ASTM I-Beams range from 3'' to 12''; ASTM equal angles range from 3/4'' to 8''; ASTM unequal angles range from 1'' x 5/8'' to 8''x6''. We export more than 30,000MT per month to America and Canada market.

Our EN standard products: our company is one of the earliest enterprises to develop EN standard I-beams in Tang Shan. Our modified IPE range from 80# to 240#, and they are well received in Middle East market. Our EN equal angles range from 25mm to 200mm; EN channels range from 80mm to 200mm. All of these products have distributed to EU, Middle East, and South America. To offer more new products with all specifications, to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients, we will continue to make more investment on the R&D of new EN standard products.

Third, Our Company has incomparable product resources and technical strength to develop the new products. Because of the characters of structural steel and the needs of more specifications and sizes, and they could not produced by only several production lines. We have united 13 leading rolling mills for partnership and cooperation, and have invested over 2 million USD R&D expenses to develop full range of ASTM/JIS/EN standard structural steel products, to integrate the best product resources to meet our customers' demand. We have 17 most advanced rolling line with production capacity over 2 million MT per year, more than 300 sizes of products are produced, so we are much assured to deliver your orders on time. The leading technology strength we accumulated in the past years also keeps us a step ahead in the industry and business.

Fourth, we have built up a professional team to service the customers. Our experts have rich experience in supplying products for clients from different countries with different international standards, and we know well about what customers need. We have strict QC system with professional team and we offer customers complete follow-up procedure for our product's quality. We have established a long-term partnership with some international companies, such as Novo Steel, Toyota Tsusho Corp. CMC and etc. Meanwhile we are golden supplier to the leading steel trading companies in China, such as ZIMI,


Fifth, we enjoyed great geographic advantages . Our city Tang Shan is the most competitive steel production base in china, with abundant iron ore, coke and rich electric power supply. As a typical coastal city, Tang Shan has a solid industrial basis, with less than 2 hours drive to XINGANG PORT . Most of the local steel mills are private ones or joint-stock companies, their productivity are quite high, and all the products upgrade very quickly. Our company is the pioneer enterprise in structural steel industry of tang Shan and China.

To sum up, we will sincerely serve our clients with finest quality products, and share the value together with our customers, develop together for a better future and offer excellent service to our society. We are looking forward to the business cooperation with you. Please feel free to contact us for more details.