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How to put a respirator mask on

Step 1: Initial position

With clean or gloved hands, hold the mask with the outer part resting on the palm of your hand. The elastic straps must be able to hang freely under your hand.

Step 2: Strap adjustment

Position the mask under your chin, nose up. Adjust the elastic straps so that the bottom strap remains around your neck and below your ears, and the top strap above them. The mask should cover both your mouth and nose.

Step 3: Nasal fit

Put the fingers of both hands on the nasal adjustment part. Using both hands, mold the nasal part to the shape of your nose, pressing it towards you.

Please use both hands. Pressing with one hand could result in an inappropriate and less effective adjustment, affecting the protection offered by the mask.

Step 4: Check sealing

Check that the mask has a complete seal. To do this, being careful not to move the mask, put both hands on the mask and exhale. If you notice air coming out around the nasal part, readjust the mask again following the instructions in step 3. If the air is coming out of the corners, you will have to readjust the elastic straps.

If you cannot get a complete seal, DO NOT use the mask in a risky area.
What to do if the mask has signs of wear?

If you notice that the mask shows signs of wear, offers some resistance to breathing or is damp, discard it immediately, as it could not not be offering the necessary protection. Remember that its use is only recommended in a cool and dry environment, at temperatures between 9ºC and 50ºC.

Can I reuse the mask?

It depends on the mask. The masks with category FFP2, FFP3, N95 and KN95 are made of non-reusable material.

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